Learn Chinese in Taiwan

Learn Chinese in Taiwan

LTL Mandarin School are now offering Chinese language courses in Taiwan meaning we now offer Chinese classes in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Chengde!

Make The Leap – Come to Taiwan and Study Chinese

Taiwan can boast a beautiful landscape consisting of mountains, beaches and so much more. The modern city centre is filled with traditional temples and an excellent nightlife scene. Taiwan is a destination often forgotten, that should definitely be included on anyone’s bucket list and soon we’ll be offering you the chance to learn Chinese in Taiwan.

We’ll offer a range of courses as we currently do in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde that will allow for maximum flexibility. The ultimate aim then, is getting your Mandarin ahead fast which our expert and experienced teachers will do in no time.

  • Learn Chinese in Taiwan

    Learn Chinese in Taiwan

    Group or Individual - Choose which class suits you best

    Comfortable environment - Learn Chinese at our brand new centre

    Discover Taiwan - Check out this incredible island outside of class

    24/7 support - You have our support as and when you require

  • We are the Experts

    We are the Experts

    Experienced - We've been teaching Chinese for over 10 years

    First rate teachers - We only employ the best

    Get ahead fast - No messing, we get your Chinese ahead quick

    Intensive - Live and breathe Chinese in and out of school

Study Mandarin in Taiwan with LTL Mandarin School

Five Reasons to Learn Mandarin in Taiwan:

1 – LANDSCAPE. Taiwan has it all. It has beautiful beaches to the south, incredible mountains running through it’s centre and a stunning ragged coastline to the north. The average temperatures in Taiwan range from 14 degrees in January to 28 degrees in July and August, so perfect for enjoying the outdoors when you want to escape the city at the weekends. If you’re a keen photographer, Taiwan’s scenery will really impress.

Taiwan Skyline

Taiwan Skyline

2 – FOOD. From Lurou fan, the much loved braised pork with rice dish to milk fish, a meaty and well priced fish that’s popular among locals, there really is a large array of dishes famed in Taiwan. Taiwan is also home to the phenomenon of ‘bubble tea’ which has become a worldwide favorite. There are also some dishes that may not be for the fainthearted, such as Pigs blood and sticky rice cake.

3 – CULTURE. Wandering through Taiwan’s cities of Taipei and Tainan, you are sure to stumble across a number of Buddhist and Toaist temples full of  statues of deities and ornate colorful hand-painted structures. There are also many traditional Taiwanese festivals that take place annually which provide a wonderful insight into their culture. If you just want to relax on your weekends, you can also enjoy a wander around one of the city’s many museums.

4 – FUN. Apart from the spectacular festivals held in Taiwan, such as the Lantern festival, Dragon Boat festival and Burning Boat festival, the cities have a reputation for great nightlife!  There are also many bustling night markets for you to enjoy. If your idea of fun is a far cry away from dancing and drinking until the early hours, don’t worry, Taiwan has something for everyone. Outdoor adventures are very popular here and you can spend your time hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, going to the beach to surf or relaxing in one of the 150 hot springs that Taiwan has to offer.

5 – PEOPLE. Last but not least, the people in Taiwan are extremely friendly which is very important if you want to consider doing a homestay as part of your Chinese language learning experience. Many have commented on the generosity and helpfulness of the Taiwanese people. Also extremely important is that the locals speak Mandarin Chinese so you will be able to practice your mandarin skills on the streets. If you have an interest in ancient Chinese then Taiwan is the place to come as they still write in traditional characters.

There are many more reasons to come and visit Taiwan. We here at LTL hope to welcome you to our Mandarin language program in Taiwan very soon so you can discover them for yourselves!

Other Chinese Courses

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    Learn Chinese in Beijing at our main language centre. Located ideally in the central business district you will study Mandarin either in a small group class with maximum of six people or study individually to get your Chinese ahead fast.

    Chinese Classes in Beijing

  • Shanghai Chinese Classes


    Study Mandarin in Shanghai and experience one of the world’s most incredible cities at the same time. Study Chinese in a group or on your own and tailor lessons exactly how you wish. Our centre is located in the old French Concession for our convenience.

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